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Mailhem takes its Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibilities extremely seriously and we work towards delivering value to the environment and society we operate in. These three factors play a major role in defining our sustainability and ethical impact on our operations. Our steps to reduce our carbon footprint, enrich our ability to promote a greener future and follow all the domestic and international standards of operations gives us the confidence to lead the way towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Environmental Responsibilities

We understand our environmental responsibilities and take all possible efforts to minimize waste and promote sustainable energy for a greener future. We’re long time advocates of the circular economy and believe that waste management and recycling play a major role in reducing pollution and reusing materials. At Mailhem, our team understands the value of monitoring, managing and improving the impact of our services on the environment and we follow strict protocols to minimize waste and environmental hazards on all our sites.

Social Responsibilities

We’re aware of our social responsibilities towards the society and community we operate in. We constantly focus on training and improvement activities to enhance the talent level in the society and corporate world. Our safety measures and trainings also ensure minimum accidents and develop people, premises and fleet in many ways. We’re also working towards improving the overall levels of digital competency and promote waste-related education.

Mailhem Governance

Mailhem Environment also sets the highest standards for internal corporate governance for employees and quality standards. Our operators undergo stringent training for process adherence which is a key differentiator in the fragmented Indian market.