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Private Institutions

We help Institutions (schools, hospitals), industries and gated communities with 300, 500 and 1,000 kg/day portable biogas plants. Our projects for anaerobic treatment of various substrates like animal dung, poultry litter, agri-waste, press mud, spent wash, effluent from Pharma industry, Tannery Waste and slaughterhouse waste are appreciated by multiple private organizations across India.

Client: Vilas Javdekar & Associates
Substrate: Segregated organic waste biogas Plant
Location: Pune
Plant Capacity: 200 cu.m/ day

Client: Maltose Agri Products Limited
Substrate: Biogas Plant based on Cowdung
Location: DoddaBallpur, B’lore
Plant Capacity: 10TPD

Client: Baptist Hospital
Substrate: Biogas Plant for treatment of Canteen Waste
Location: Bangalore
Plant Capacity: 500kgs/day

Client: Egg Industries Pvt Ltd.
Substrate: Biogas Plant for cowdung treatment
Location: Raipur
Plant Capacity: 5 TPD

Client: Clarus Bioenergy Pvt Ltd
Substrate: Biogas Plant for treatment of Elephant grass, Press mud, Corn Husk, Spent Wash, Poultry Litter, Molasses
Location: Kolhapur
Plant Capacity: 65 tons/ day