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Want to know more about Mailhem? Our resources section is exclusively to help you find more details about Mailhem and understand our business better. From project management to engineering and technology, you’ll find extensive data on our projects, solutions and future plans right here!

Our project management solutions can be customized as per your plant requirements or your budget needs. Our ability to offer the right EPC, BOOT and DBFOT projects as per your individual requirements makes us a preferred partner for public and private organizations across the country.

We start all our projects with a consultancy to assess the strategies and define goals for waste to energy conversion. Our waste to energy plants are often called model plants by the government in India and we continue to inspire the world with our innovative solutions for the future. Backed by this expertise and skill-sets, we offer consultancy services to companies who are looking to invest in waste management solutions.

Mailhem’s expert engineers have the ability and expertise to convert every concept into a reality. Our engineers regularly update their knowledge and expertise to help our clients devise the most cost-effective designs for multiple waste management projects.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer end-to-end services for the manufacturing of all equipment and products required in optimum waste management. We can set up a manufacturing unit in your premises with the right resources and best financial planning.

Ever since the company was incepted, Mailhem concentrated on R&D. Mailhem now focuses on new product development and process improvement to enhance its portfolio of products and services. R&D function provides a platform for creativity and innovation, improves the performance of Digesters and commissioning procedures and this has lead to development of new versions of Biogas digestion systems. Research and Development has also helped us with waste management solutions for Winery, Pharma, and food processing industries with the benefits of cost reduction.

Mailhem also specialises in revamping existing but non-functional biogas plants. If you have a biogas plant in your industrial space or commercial space and are facing issues with it, we can offer our revamping services. As a result, your biogas plant will be studied and analysed before we recommend the best possible ways to revamp it as per your requirements.

Mailhem has a wide experience of long-term Operation and Maintenance of Biogas Plants. Currently, we have over 30+ Operation and Maintenance Contracts going on throughout India. During our operations and maintenance services, our team of expert professionals inspect the plants and help you either with the installation or maintenance, as per the lifecycle of the biogas plants.

Mailhem requires a specific skill-set for our Integrated Solid Waste Management projects and our composting services. With this in mind, we have created skill training centres that help prospective employees learn the art of waste segregation and management. As a result, we’re able to employ well-trained staff members at Mailhem and we can offer better employment in every community, too. We also offer training to clients when we handover the projects so that their staff members can continue operating the plants and sites with expertise and optimum knowledge.

Mailhem Biogas Plant Technology Overview
Mailhem specializes in setting up Biogas plants based on modified Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (M-UASB) process. This technology has been perfected over the years to treat segregated organic waste with high percentage of suspended solids like kitchen waste, poultry droppings, vegetable market-yard waste and more.

Over the years, Mailhem has developed ideal combination of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) and Modified Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (M-UASB) which can handle waste with high percentage of solids and high COD effluents. This has resulted in Mailhem becoming a leading player in co-digestion of various types of substrates to produce biogas on large scale for power generation or BioCNG for auto fuel.