The debate on whether to use biogas or natural gas continues for decades together. We bring you the key features of biogas and why it is so environmentally friendly, especially in the current times. Biogas is also heralded by many as an integral element to creating a circular economy and embracing this energy source for all its benefits.

All About Natural Gas

Natural gas consists entirely of methane and the gas is created underground as biomass decomposes. It is considered one of the cleanest fossil fuels and it is also refined into LNG and CNG for multiple uses. It is an excellent energy source for heating and electricity production and is also popular in industrial processes since it requires no storage. Natural gas is also used as an affordable automotive fuel and is available at gas filling stations.

However, natural gas is a non-renewable source of energy. 

All About Biogas 

When sourcing energy from biogas, it resolves two major problems in the world – mounting waste and the need to decarbonise in the face of rapidly increasing global temperatures.

Biogas plants rely on anaerobic digestion wherein waste is digested by microbes to produce methane gas or biogas. It can be converted into a biofertilizer and spread directly in fields, or it can be used interchangeably with natural gas as a fuel.

It is a renewable energy alternative with great potential due to the zero-emission process. 

In North America, Biogas costs almost 5 times more than natural gas. Biogas can’t replace natural gas as there’s not enough waste to keep up with the demands of electricity but it is definitely helping in reducing landfill waste.

At Mailhem, we specialize in converting waste to energy and producing biogas to power various industries, streets, and homes.

We bring you an example of how an Indian agriculture market turns 10 tonnes of waste into biogas and electricity.

As per UN Report, an estimated 931 million tonnes of food were wasted globally in 2019

61% of which came from households, 26% from food service and 13% from retail.

Household food waste in India is about 68.7 million tonnes a year, the report said.

Hyderabad’s Clean & Green Market 

The Bowenpally market in Hyderabad is handling 10 tonnes of daily waste in a sustainable manner. It converts food and vegetable waste into biogas and electricity (500 units of electricity every day).

The electricity generated is helping to power 120 street lights, provide electricity to 170 shops and also power a cold storage unit.

30 kg of biogas is produced using the same waste at the plant and it is replacing LPG cooking gas used in the canteen in the market. The canteen serves around 800 meals per day. This helps in reducing LPG usage and offering a cleaner and greener fuel alternative. 

How Does the Plant Work?

  • Waste collection from the market
  • Brought to the plant
  • Waste is shredded 
  • Soaked in a feed preparation tank
  • Converted into a slurry
  • Undergoes an anaerobic bio methanation process
  • Biogas is collected in separate tanks
  • Biogas is directed to the kitchen for cooking
  • Biofuel is supplied into a 100% biogas generator
  • Powers the water pumps, cold storage rooms, streets and shop lights

Recognition by the Government: 

PM Narendra Modi appreciated the initiative taken up by the vegetable market in Hyderabad. “It was nice to learn about how a local sabzi mandi in Bowenpally is functioning responsibly”, he said during his Mann ki Baat speech on 31st January 2021.

There are countless advantages to a biogas system – right from waste treatment, production of bio-fertilizers to generating renewable energy that helps in transport, heating and electricity. Biogas can also improve water quality and provide jobs in rural communities – making it a full package.

At Mailhem, we invite you to join our mission of converting waste to energy and gold and producing biogas for a greener future.

Source: Inshorts 


We bring you the top differences in biogas and natural gas and why, at Mailhem, we strive to produce more biogas to protect our environment and the future. Check out how a market in Hyderabad is converting waste to biogas for countless benefits to the city.

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Biogas may not replace natural gas, but it’s a great alternative.


We bring you the top differences in biogas and natural gas and why, at Mailhem, we strive to produce more biogas to protect our environment and the future. 

Call 9373597455 to know more.

#mailhemenvironment #biogas #naturalgas #biogasvsnaturalgas #renewableenergy  

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