A number of industries are now looking for renewable energy sources to protect the environment. Professionals are now looking at small-scale and large-scale biogas production to resolve the issues of energy and waste in their industrial setup. The scarcity of petroleum is threatening the world’s fuel supply. Instead, using biogas methane to overcome this threat has led to various biogas production practices. 

While conventional biogas plants are used in some cases, they are inefficient because of the lower calorific value of biogas and the lower methane generation. In such cases, a portable biogas plant can help small-scale industries and households to generate energy from their waste.

What is a Portable Biogas Plant?

Portable biogas plants are small units designed for industrial or household purposes to generate energy from biodegradable wastes. This helps in creating a healthy environment and hygienic surroundings for both individual families and the public in general.

Leading waste management companies like Mailhem have been able to develop pre-fabricated and portable biogas plants for anaerobic digestion. The biogas digester consists of a lower segment tank and another tank close by. When the feedstock goes in the inlet, it is flushed into the main digester tank. Here, the organic waste is decomposed in multiple steps of anaerobic digestion, resulting in the production of biogas. The digester tank is also connected to the sludge tank using a plastic pipe through the outlet tank. On average, 3-5 kg of waste per day is required for the small-sized plants, and it goes up to 300, 500 and 1000 kg per day. The recovered biogas can be used in multiple ways – including cooking and lighting.

Top Benefits of Using a Portable Biogas Plant


Easy Installation and Usage – 

The time spent on the transport and installation of these plants is very low. Also, no specific skills are required to operate or maintain this plant, making it easy to use.

Hygienic Disposal of Waste – A biogas plant offers a clean solution for waste disposal, keeping your surroundings healthier, too. 

Simple and Indigenous Technology

The portable biogas plants are designed using a simple technique and are 100% made in India.

High ROI – The device can pay for itself in just two years’ time, making it a great investment for your future.

Multiple Applications – 

The portable biogas plants can be used in manufacturing units, commercial kitchens, farms, small industries, homes, and more. These plants are also suited for institutions like schools, colleges, etc. Did you know the manure of one cow can provide ample energy to power a lightbulb all through the day!

Generates Organic Fertilizer – 

Along with offering energy for your home or business, a portable biogas plant also generates a rich, natural and organic fertilizer as its by-product. The liquid digestive is a great replacement for chemical fertilizers as it boosts plant growth and is resilient to diseases.

Clean & Renewable Energy Source – 

A portable biogas plant offers clean burning and better energy recovery. It also substitutes wood and dung cake as rural fuel. The process of biodigestion is natural and doesn’t require any outside energy for the generation. As a result, this is a highly sustainable solution.

At Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd., we offer portable biogas plants of various sizes and capacities. It helps generate manure and electricity from the biogas and is perfect for gated communities and urban locations with a population less than 3,00,000. The products used 

for anaerobic treatment of various substrates include animal dung, poultry litter, agri-waste, press mud, spent wash, effluent from Pharma industry, Tannery Waste and slaughterhouse waste.

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Want to start a biogas plant but worried about its installation and operation? A portable biogas plant is hassle-free and requires minimum space and maintenance. 

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