As a rapidly developing country, India faces many environmental challenges, especially in terms of waste generation and insufficient waste collection, transport, treatment and disposal. The rising urban population has led to a steep rise in the waste generated, hampering public health and our environment, too. While the challenges and barriers in waste management are significant, there are immense opportunities as well. 


It is currently a priority to move away from relying on waste dumps that aren’t safe for the environment towards waste management systems that can retain all the useful resources within our economy. In this matter, segregation of waste at the source and using specialized waste processing plants to separate the recyclable materials play a vital role. The potential of generating energy via methane extraction or other waste management techniques is a major opportunity for India’s sustainable development.

Solid Waste Management Challenges 

Solid waste management is a concern for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in India due to growing urbanization, industrialization and economic growth. As a result, the municipal solid waste generation has increased per person, especially in cities with a high population density. Since India is a diverse country with multiple cultures and traditions, achieving sustainable development seems more challenging than ever. Although we’ve witnessed incredible social, economic and environmental growth, the SWM systems are still unchanged. 90% of residual waste is still dumped rather than properly landfilled.

The four largest metros in the country account for the highest waste generation rate, followed by Tier-II and Tier-III cities. All the waste is currently managed by municipalities in the state or informal companies but our country lacks a central waste management system. Also, collection and transport of the waste, disposal and dumping practices are hazardous to public health in many ways. 

With the rising population, our natural resources are depleting faster than ever, and it’s time to make waste a wealth for our nation.

Almost 50% of the garbage in India is organic that can be treated and converted to manure. Some of the key challenges that are stopping us as a country include our inability to segregate the waste, behavioural changes required to dispose garbage properly, lack of data and analytics in the field, and infrastructural hindrances that make it difficult to handle the collection, transport and disposal.

Mailhem – Converting Waste to Gold 

After understanding India’s growing challenges, Col. Rege left his Military job to begin his own waste management business in his 40s. In pursuit of a cleaner and greener India in the backdrop of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, Mailhem today has many plants on waste management all around the country, including smart cities. 

In order to overcome the challenges of waste management, the company is offering various solutions including:

  • Segregation at the source with different bins or bags
  • Regular collection of waste with a separate internal road for free garbage movement
  • Ecological and cost-effective processing of disposed waste
  • Dedicated land for plant setups in many cities, rural towns 
  • Technological enhancements in waste management 
  • Public awareness to reduce the burden on local bodies
  • Monitoring the manpower and systems with timely reporting 

Waste to energy development in India is the need of the hour. It will reduce the open dumping of garbage and generate reliable and clean fuel sources, thus reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. Plus, it will have significant social and economic benefits for India. 

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. is ready for the future. We’re equipped to handle all the challenges of waste in our country and can offer the right turnkey solutions for corporate companies, ULBs, and more. Our expertise in biogas plants and biomethanation plants helps us deliver green energy for the future.

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With India’s rapidly growing population and the increase in our solid waste generation, it’s time to think of sustainable solutions for our community, country, and planet. Read to know how Mailhem is working towards overcoming India’s waste management challenges.

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Did you know that almost 50% of India’s garbage is organic and can be converted into manure?

Time to resolve India’s Waste Management Challenges!

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